Spraying machines

   Polyurethane Ltd. markets, maintains and supports two-component spraying machines for more than 20 years. Together with the machine, the company is also providing detailed training on its operating in integration with the spraying materials. The support and service are being expressed by the suitability of the type of machine fitting the customer’s requirements, helping in the machine maintenance, solution of problems, carrying out maintenance and complicated repairs that require intensive knowledge and acquaintance with the equipment and materials.

The machines are used in a wide variety of applications, such as:
Spraying of rigid PU foam for thermal insulation.
Casting of rigid PU foam for thermal insulation (for the insulation of piping, closing of cold store warehouses etc.)
Spraying of compact materials for the production of models.
Spraying of compact materials for sealing against water and protection from erosion.
Spraying of flexible materials for special applications.
Spraying of materials for the creation of moulds.
Spraying of polyurea.

Our customers can purchase at our company everything needed for manufacturing using a machine: spare parts, raw materials, cleaning agents, preservation materials, release agents, guns etc.

Our skilled staff is at the customer’s service for advice on choosing (machine + gun), operation of the machine, maintenance and repairs.





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