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Polyurethane Ltd. is one of the world’s most experienced Polyurethane specialist. Established in 1968 by the Katzenstein family, it pioneered the use of polyurethane technology in Israel. The company offers a one stop solution for polyurethane, covering nearly every aspect of the technology: from the very basic raw materials, through ready to use systems and machinery up to finished molded parts. The company’s 10,000 SQM houses 5 top of the line production facilities: Polyols, PU systems, Machinery assembly, rigid PU Boards, OCF Bottles and Molded Parts manufacturing. The highly experienced staff, both in terms of years and fields, has developed many of the solutions used in the local manufacturing and R&D processes used in industry, medical, aerospace, transportation, agriculture etc. we support our customer’s using our state of the art chemical laboratories, our R&D equipment (including testing machinery), mechanical service shop and warehouse. The company thrives to be lean and quick, yet maintain its reputation for high quality and economic solutions. The personnel has the customer’s best interest in view, and advises accordingly with all the accumulated experience, not limited to PU only.


The polyurethane is well known as a highly appreciated material and its use increased dramatically in the past decades; especially in the developed world. The main reason for its increased usage is mainly related to the many positive attributes in its usage including its environmental friendliness. To explain this trend and to disprove some of the misleading opinions that are still present in the general population, we assembled some of the interesting facts as follows: Polyurethane saves energy expenses due to its high insulation capacity; more than any other material (see comparison). The energy saving reduces the need for the burning of polluters in order to produce energy and herewith leads to the improvement in the quality of the environment Due to the ability of spraying the polyurethane and hence receiving a uniform covering of the surface with no thermal bridges (and without any limitation or obstacles in the path of the sprayed area)...
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