KATZENSTEIN low pressure machines

  PU casting machines produced by the Polyurethane Ltd. combines the knowledge that the company acquired by operating, repairing and renovating PU machines from all over the world and in every industry since 1968 together with the most advanced technology.

The result is a unique worldwide innovation: a machine with digital control that communicates with a control center in order to give an alert of failures before it occurs and thus significantly reduce unplanned shutdowns. Technical problems are attended to by our highly skilled engineering staff, which is greatly experienced and accompany the work according to the customer’s requirements.

A daily control system takes care of checking the performance of the machine and thus preserves its especially high precision at work.

The control board is in Hebrew (machines for the local market) and allows especially comfortable programming and control over the characteristic of different works in an easy and rapid manner.

Reliability was one of the major emphases the designers put on the machines and therefore the best of materials were used. For example, this is the only machine in Israel that is sold with heat exchangers made of stainless steel.

“Easy to use” was another important consideration while planning the machine. This is evident in a variety of innovations such as Automatic filling, 40 advanced pouring programs, checking the working ratio without assembling a divider between the two materials in the head etc.

For the cleaning of the machine during the operation, there are three options to choose from: washing with water, with a solvent or with both.

The machines come in several models, with various maximum outputs ranging from 9 to 100 kg/min (at ratios from 100:20 until 100:300). The minimum outputs range from 5 until 100g/sec.

Additional options:
External cooling unit that is connected to the control of the machine.
Stirring of raw materials in the A tank or the B tank or in both.
Tanks filling pumps that are connected to the control of the machine.
Addition of a third substance.
These machines have for years been extensively used by our customers in the Israeli demanding market and won excellent reputation from the operators together with high appreciation from the buyers.

Our professional personnel make it a point accompanying the users, providing them with continuous technical support during operation and of course instructing the operators on the new equipment.

Polyurethane Ltd. is the leading supplier in Israel for all materials used in the process of manufacturing PU products: PU systems (A+B) of all kinds, release agents, cleaning agents and colors.

The knowledge gathered by Polyurethane Ltd. allows the customer to approach the production with “peace of mind” and to delve into other aspects of running his business, as he knows that the experts for polyurethane are backing him up.

You are most welcome to visit our company and get an impression of all that we have to offer: observe closely our machines and get advice as for the most suitable machine for your specific purpose relying on the rich experience that we gathered as the leading polyurethane manufacturer in the past four decades.




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