Products for the Private Sector


 People seeking to exercise an invention or idea (designer, inventors, developers, members of the development teams) are welcome to check on the huge range of options available to manufacturers of PU products.

One can get almost infinite variety in terms of type of material and its features, while at the same time initial costs (templates) are relatively low compared to other plastic products.
The numerous mechanizations found in our company and the flexibility in our factory, allows us to be available to the private client also for more limited series production.

The company provides experienced and skilled staff to those interested to assist in all phases of development and definition of the product.

Bring the idea and we will take care of its execution, including preparation of the appropriate templates, matching of raw materials and machinery. In our facilities it is possible to carry out many experiments of many varied materials in the same moulds on hand of the sophisticated facilities and advanced research laboratory.

The products for the private sector further include:
DIY products (such as one-component PU foam aerosols)
Thermal insulation for residential buildings
Rigid PU boards
Rigid PU boards:
Rigid PU boards (after the polymerization process) are ready for use and cut to size. The boards come in a number of densities according to application. The boards can be used for the insulation of housing walls, for the insulation of floors (including the combination with floor heating), for the insulation of trucks, for the production of containers and models, for computerized milling (CNC) and more.

Packaging for sensitive products
The company continually produces packaging based on polyurethane and hence allows for outsourcing in the subject of packaging.

PU foam of the P series was especially developed for the packaging sector where light material that excels in its ability to absorb knocks and shocks is required. This material stands up to the international packaging standards. PU packaging protects heavy equipment such as blowers, pumps, large measuring and medical equipment as well as small dimensioned electronic equipment. The packaging is produced at sizes starting from few centimeters to meters.

The foam contains a large percentage of open cells that collapse in a controlled manner at the time of thump and therefore absorbing the energy into the foam and protecting herewith the equipment that is packaged in it.

The moulds needed for the production of packaging from PU foam of the P series are very simple: it is possible to use simple and cheap wooden moulds or the product itself in its box. This way the best fitting packaging can be produced for the product and hence supplying the perfect protection. All this is keeping the expenses very low.

Following the simplicity in production and equipment needed, reaction time is extremely short.

Polyurethane Ltd. has been producing polyurethane and packaging for over 40 years. The company stands up to the ISO 9002 quality assurance standard and is a well known supplier for numerous companies in Israel, including electronic and optics companies, start-up businesses and the Ministry of Defense.

The packaging can be produced either in our factory or at the customer’s premises, on hand of the equipment and material supplied by us.

Additional benefits:

There is neither minimum quantity nor the necessity to purchase large quantities.
JIT supply.

One-component PU foam aerosols

One-component PU foam aerosols were developed as a DIY product that enables anyone to use PU foam in a rapid and simple manner with no need for any special equipment. Furthermore, an assigned version of aerosols with a gun was designed, intended for professional users requiring re-activation of the bottle, with maximal accuracy and control at work.

This is a one-component PU foam that is multi-purpose at an excellent quality and fast polymerization.
The foam has medium hardness, is durable to heat and cold and for a long period of time (without cover it is not resistant to UV rays).

The polyurethane leaves the aerosol partially foamed, rises and expands, when in contact with humidity, up to 3 times its initial size and fills up the assigned cavities.

The foam has excellent adhesion to almost every building material.
Excess materials can be cut with a knife after its complete drying up.
Can be covered with plaster and any other finishing color.
The designated foam stands up to the German standard for fire behavior of building materials B2 and B3.
CFC & HCFC free to avoid damage to the ozone layer.

Applications include:

Sealing and joining the gap between the wall and the doorpost
Filling of cavities under sinks
Sealing of passages around pipes and installation.
Filling holes of pipes for electricity.
Covering air conditioning canals.
Filling holes at carpentry work.
Filling cavities between walls and in places with no access.
Insulation of small spaces.

The PU foam aerosols are produced at Polyurethane Ltd. in Haifa, according to German knowledge, in correlation with the highest standards and under strict supervision as part of the quality outline under the ISO 2000:9001 norms of the company. Polyurethane Ltd. Haifa is the only producer of such product in Israel and achieves great success here and abroad.

Polyurethane Ltd. is diligently working on the development and improvement of the product, while simultaneously keeping its strict quality by activating for this purpose the largest commercial and sophisticated laboratory in the country, for the research and development of polyurethane and its products. It employs a comprehensive engineering team with rich experience in the polymer industry, materials and machinery.

Polyurethane Ltd. Haifa is also offering a “Private Label” program.




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