Series IN- rigid foam

     The IN series includes a huge variety of foam hardness without skin, allowing for every possible application. Following are the main uses (click on the list to jump to the relevant location):

Thermal insulation (spraying, pouring, boards and panels)
Filling and strengthening elements
Acquisition of greater buoyancy
PIR for high fire resistance
Production of models and décor

Thermal insulation
PU foam from the IN series has the best thermal conductivity among plastic materials, in effect this is the material with the best thermal isolation capability applicable (see comparison table of common insulation materials).
Due to the spatial structure of the foam, consisting mainly of closed cells, the insulation capability is kept stable over a long period of time. Furthermore, water absorption is lower compared to similar materials and also its resistance to other chemical materials differs.

The combination of these desirable features enables polyurethane to be one of the most desired materials for thermal insulation for a selection of applications:

Cold store warehouses
Household refrigerators
Industrial refrigerators
Picnic cool boxes etc……
Designed PU foam allows for use at huge range of temperatures:
-170 ºC (for example for the insulation of pipes or storage containers for cryopreservation)
+200 ºC (for example for insulation of solar energy products that increase solar radiation)

PU foams from the IN series have been used throughout the world for the past decades with huge experiences.

For further information on thermal isolation applications for the building industry, please click here.

The foam can be obtained as:

Spraying material (this application requires a designated spraying machine and professionalism)
Pouring/Casting material (also as DIY versions)
Finished PU foam in form of rigid PU boards with different densities.
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Polyurethane as a Spraying material:
PU spraying foam conveys all the benefits of polyurethane:

Optimal thermal insulation with no thermal bridges
Excellent adhesion
Rapid and uniform application on varied surfaces
Fast and economic application with years-long lasting benefits.

For information on the many reasons for the excellence of thermal insulation by means of spraying, please click here.

Specified applications – click here.

POLYURETHANE LTD implements the foam only by skilled professionals with designated PU spraying machines.
For link to the different spraying machines – click here.

Polyurethane as a Pouring/Casting material:
PU foam applied for the filling of panels (sandwich elements) made of tin sheets with the foam between them. This causes the panels to be light weight but nonetheless, with a high mechanical strength, durability to any type of weather conditions for many years, easy assembly and dismantling (therefore reducing installation costs). These panels are mainly used for any kind of quick insulation projects, cold store warehouses etc.
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Ready-for-use Rigid PU foam:
Rigid PU boards (after the polymerization process) are ready for use and can be cut to any size. The boards come in different densities depending on the application. They can be used for wall insulation of homes, insulating of flooring (including the combination with floor heating), insulation of trucks, for the production of containers, manufacturing of models, computerized milling (CNC) and more.
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Filling and strengthening element
As a light weight material with high mechanical strength, polyurethane is the ideal solution for filling spaces in a mechanized and efficient process. Since during the polymerization process the rising foam adheres to the material around it, is saves the procedure of gluing the foam during production and hence saves time and money. Of course, the material is durable for many years, also maintaining its characteristics (and in many cases even improves its mechanical strength).
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Buoyancy acquisition
PU foams from the IN series have the capacity for high buoyancy as a result of their mostly closed cell structure. This structure prevents water absorption significantly, even when exposed to it over a long period of time. One can pour the foam in any way and with the same process, resulting in a strong adhesion to most materials.
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PIR for High fire resistance
PU foams of the polyisocyanurate (PIR) were developed to obtain extremely high fire resistance.
The circular (ring-like) structure of the polymer, from which the PIR foam is composed of, allows the foam to resist flammability at a similar level to that of materials we well know to have a high flame resistance such as rock wool. This foam can be either poured or purchased as ready made boards.
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Models and décor
PU foams from the IN series can be processed easily, both by hand and mechanized (CNC). Therefore, ready-made PU boards have been used for many years for the manufacturing of models, as was done for the “Mini Israel” park, and as every designer student knows… Imaginative manufacturers recruit the foaming ability of the material to create spectacular decoration by casting manually or with spraying machinery. This allows for foam coverage with compact polyurethane from the Z series.
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Additional benefits:

There is neither minimum quantity nor the necessity to purchase large quantities.
JIT supply.
An option exists to include machinery for the optimization of the production process.






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