Manufacturing of products for the military sector

  Polyurethane Ltd. is cooperating for decades with leading Israeli companies in the creation and production of a wide range of products. As a result of the impressive variety of possibilities from one hand, and the low costs on the other hand, numerous companies found the polyurethane suitable for their needs, for smaller and large production series.

Products include for example:

  • Designated protective packaging (produced from flexible or semi-flexible materials)
  • Fitted packages for the absorption of energy and durability.
  • Injected products according to meticulous instructions.
  • Elastomeric products for minimal damage.
  • Special adhesives

Due to the sensitive nature of these products, more specifications than detailed in this webpage cannot be given.

Polyurethane Ltd. is also available to its customers for “field” production for special military applications.

The company also provides, to all interested clients, a skilled and experienced team to assist at all levels of the development and definition of the product.

The company enables the execution of numerous experiments with many different materials with the same instruments and by using the sophisticated facilities and advanced research laboratory.

In our factory, many machines of different types can be found (low pressure, high pressure), with different supplies that allow for high flexibility and the fastest reaction time. The many production facilities enable manufacturing at a great sequence on continues production lines as well as production of isolated products by means of versatile facilities.

As a certified supplier of the security systems and of leading manufacturers such as Raphael, the aviation industry, military industry, Elbit and more, Polyurethane Ltd. is used to standing up to the most meticulous quality requirements. 




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