Polyurethane-what is it?

Polyurethane is a thermostatic polymer (Poly=many, urethane=unique chemical chains).

The polymerization process that creates the finished product is a result of the exothermic reaction of two main components (the first consisting mainly of the OH group and the second mainly of the NCO group).

The company Polyurethane Ltd. is planning and building the two components so that the final result, as also the chemical reaction, answers to the customer’s requirements. The two components are labeled A and B and together form the PU system.

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile materials known to mankind. Through tight control of the material’s characteristics (incl. viscosity, hardness, color, electric conductivity etc.) it can be used exactly as the customer requires.

PU products range from totally solid/rigid products (such as wood and metal like) through flexible until sponges and soft elastomers. An example of the wide range of features can be seen when observing the densities: starting from 6kg/m³ up until 1500kg/m³.

Every final product is characterized by the requirements needed for application, with exceptional durability, easy and economic manufacturing.

Polyurethane can be implemented in varied forms: casting, injection, pouring, spreading, spraying, Rota system etc. In most cases, polyurethane does not need complicated utensils for the production process and therefore offers excellent cost-benefit ratio.

When it comes to insulation, there is indeed no competition to the polyurethane. Polyurethane features the best capability for thermal insulation (see table of comparison) and is therefore vastly used as the insulation material for residential, industrial and agricultural constructions, for cold store warehouses and for products needing insulation e.g. household and commercial refrigerators, solar energy products, insulated panels for easy building etc.

Polyurethane occupies a large volume in the industry of furniture, packaging, shoes and cars (bumpers, dashboards etc.). Because of its high versatility, the material can also be found in aviation, military products and other final products. Only imagination can set its boundaries.

You are welcome to explore the various possibilities by entering into the different PU series. 

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