Series P- packaging

   PU foam of the P series was especially developed for the packaging sector where light material that excels in its ability to absorb knocks and shocks is required. This material stands up to the international packaging standards. PU packaging protects heavy equipment such as blowers, pumps, large measuring and medical equipment as well as small dimensioned electronic equipment. The packaging is produced at sizes starting from few centimeters to meters.

The foam contains a large percentage of open cells that collapse in a controlled manner at the time of thump and therefore absorbing the energy into the foam and protecting herewith the equipment that is packaged in it.

The moulds needed for the production of packaging from PU foam of the P series are very simple: it is possible to use simple and cheap wooden moulds or the product itself in its box. This way the best fitting packaging can be produced for the product and hence supplying the perfect protection. This keeps the expenses very low.

Following the simplicity in production and equipment needed, reaction time is extremely short.

Polyurethane Ltd. has been producing polyurethane and packaging for over 40 years. The company stands up to the ISO 9002 quality assurance standard and is a well known supplier for numerous companies in Israel, including electronic and optics companies, start-up businesses and the Ministry of Defense.

The packaging can be produced either in our factory or at the customer’s premises, on hand of the equipment and material supplied by us.

Additional benefits:
There is neither minimum quantity nor the necessity to purchase large quantities.
JIT supply.

Characteristics of the PU foams

Basis Polyether – urethane
Structure 50 % open cells
 Compression strength 0.3 – 0.4 kg/cm²




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