Series M- semi rigid

PU system of the M series was specifically developed for the manufacturing of elastic padded parts and accessories that are used, among others, in the car industry, power applications and a variety of packaging.

Because the foams of the M series offer excellent elastomeric and sealing features, they are used for the production of seals for a variety of applications, especially for cost-effective and rapid industrial manufacturing.

These PU systems excel in their efficient flowing (crawling) process while foaming, which allows the rising foam to flow and fill the whole space of the mould before the end of its reaction time. This advantage results in full castings with a homogeneous and steady structure and hence a uniform and clean surface.

On account of the features of this PU foam, some designated systems of this series are assigned for rotary pouring, which allows the making of very big products containing a big cavity, all of this, without filling it all.

Applications include:
Seals for lighting objects, electricity closet, car parts etc.
Sheets for watches and clocks

Big dolls
Bumpers for cars
As a filling for outside skin that was made with the Borming motif
Air filters
Packaging that can absorb the highest amounts of energy

Characteristics of the PU foams

 urethane  Basis Polyether
  Open cells and semi-rigid  Structure
  0.3 – 1.0 kg/cm²  Compression strength
  0.3 – 3.0 kg/cm²  Tensile strength



 % Elongation 


Additional benefits:
There is neither minimum quantity nor the necessity to purchase large quantities.
JIT supply.
An option exists to include machinery for the optimization of the production process.



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