Series D- Doromer

   Rigid PU foam systems of the D series

Doromeric foams are characterized by uniform and smooth outside surfaces, with a particularly hard outside layer. Thanks to its high mechanical strength, doromeric foams allow for design and production of precise products in a wide range of application, together with pressure strength.

To achieve a light weight part, the distribution of the densities on the inside of the casting changes so that one receives rigid foam with a relatively low density. This change is thanks to the chemistry planning concept so that the pouring is done in one go and the distribution of densities occurs “by itself”. The thickness of the rigid outer layer can be changed and fitted in accordance with the type of doromer system and extent of pressure of the foam in the mould. The obtained part is characterized by a relatively light spatial weight together with a rigid structure, in one casting production process.

The different doromer types are suitable for the manufacturing of products from 2mm thickness, in relatively cheap moulds that need low working pressure.

Additional benefits of the doromeric foams include the possibility of casting from 5 gram until 100 kg, with excellent “crawling” feature in the mould, excellent durability to weather conditions and long lasting life span without any changes in the construction of the foam. The foam has great mechanical feature and durability to different organic and inorganic materials.

Parts, produced from polyurethane of the D series, can be covered, colored, cut, glued and tapped. A possibility of different variations exists, including application of color on the mould during the production process and coloring of the material to a suitable shade. This kind of poured foam is exceptional in its endless possibilities of product design.

Applications include:
Computer housing
Designed equipment such as medical work stations, photocopier.
Sport articles
Precise engineering parts
Floats and parts used at sea
Decorative panels

Characteristics of the PU foams

Basis  Polyether – urethane
Structure  Very hard closed cells
Compression strength  3 – 400 kg/cm²
Tensile strength  2 – 400 kg/cm²
Water absorption  1.5 – 50 % of the foam volume
Heat resistance

 -48/+180 ºC


Additional benefits:

There is neither minimum quantity nor the necessity to purchase large quantities.
JIT supply.
An option exists to include machinery for the optimization of the








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