Series Z -compact

PU systems of the Z series are used for the manufacturing of a wide range of compact products (not foam) with different levels of flexibility according to the requirements: from ultra-soft materials (ShA 25) to rigid parts (ShD 80).

The variety of application options include simple manual casting, machine casting, smearing, spraying and rotation casting.

The material is water resistant and is used as a sealing adhesive for air and nuclear, biologic, chemical (NBC) filters.

This material can be combined with different fillers such as fiberglass and herewith achieving optimal combinations in terms of hardness and flexibility.

Applications include:
Clean rooms filter frames.
Soft elastomeric products: wheels cover, cables pipeline, flexible moulds etc.
Seals for nuclear, biologic, chemical (NBC) filters
Edges for wood products
Production of models by spraying
Electrical parts (filling of cables)
Flexible moulds for casting/spraying

Additional benefits:

There is neither minimum quantity nor the necessity to purchase large quantities.
JIT supply.
An option exists to include machinery for the optimization of the production process.









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