Series C -sealing and protection

  The two-component elastomeric polyurethane is being applied by spraying and is required for applications that face special challenges – should it be sealing against sea water or protecting against erosion; these materials have an advantage over most alternatives available on the market.

Polyurethane of the C series is applied mainly by spraying with assigned machinery, while application is possible at a wide range of temperatures (8-50ºC) and is designed for usage on a large variety of materials such as metal, concrete, stone, various organic and inorganic materials.
Applications for example:
Sealing against water of buildings, bridges etc.
Protection against erosion (large metal surfaces with simple profile such as big storage containers, silos, conveyor belts etc.)
Coatings for plastic devices.
Manufacturing of flexible moulds.

A big advantage of the series of materials is that there is no dependency on humidity and can therefore be worked with in a wide range of climates. Furthermore, materials demonstrate superiority in terms of physical features (such as tearing strength, lengthening of breaking time etc.) compared to other materials (incl. one-component polyurethanes). This dominance is reflected in the maintenance of the sealing over years, even when the surface beneath the sealing is “working” (cracks, moving etc.).
Implementation is carried out by spraying on metal, concrete, stone and a range of organic and inorganic materials through special mechanization (see PU spraying machines). Additionally, the pace of work is extremely high.





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