Series G- integral foam

    “Tool box” with perfect finish, padding with no compromise, in one casting
A variety of products based on the series G

Mesh upholstered night vision system

The integral PU foam system of the G series was developed for the casting of parts that seemingly combine two materials: flexible spongy foam wrapped in a flexible high-density shell.
This combination is a result of one casting at one time without any additional treatment.

The pouring of foam from the G series is excellent in its elastomeric memory after loading and soaking up kinetic energy. The surface of the pouring is copied from the mold with no need for coating thus creating a wide variety of options for the surface textures including complex ones such as leather.

Since the shell thickness (the skin) varies depending on the production process, the product surface can be adapted to the different requirements of durability and wear.

From the overall perspective of the wide range of potential options of this foam, Polyurethane Ltd’s engineers recommend that customers consult with them in any specific case.

Applications include:
Flexible packaging
Soft and flexible pads such as eyepieces
Hand and head rests
Car parts such as bumpers
Covering of steering wheel, dashboards
Handles and chair seats (helicopters, trains…)
Tractor seats
Energy absorbent sheets
Flexible medical products
Flexible fitting out parts
Foam features:

Basis: Polyester-urethane
Thickness: 0-100% skin
Open cell structure of a high density shell
Density: 80 – 1100
Compression strength: 0.02 – 0.8 kg/cm²
Tensile strength: 0.25 – 0.4 kg/cm²
Elongation: 30 – 120%





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