Products for the industrial sector

    Polyurethane Ltd. works for decades with Israel’s leading companies in the development and manufacturing of a huge variety of products based on polyurethane or products that include polyurethane.

Due to the wide range of products on one hand and the low costs on the other, many companies found polyurethane suitable for their needs, for both small and big productions.
The company provides, for those interested, skilled and experienced staff to help at every stage of the development and definition of the product. The company enables the carrying out of experiments of many materials by using its sophisticated utensils and advanced research laboratory.

In our factory are many machines of diverse discharges that allow for great flexibility and the most rapid reaction time. The many production facilities allow for large sized manufacturing on
a continues production line as well as small sized productions on versatile facilities.

As a certified supplier of the security systems and of leading producers such as ‘Rafael’, the aviation industry, the military industry, Elbit and more, the company is used to stand up to the most meticulous quality standards possible.

Quality control is based on the ISO 9002 standard, and together with its sophisticated laboratory, Polyurethane Ltd. has been strict on preserving its reputation of a quality manufacturer for the past 40 years.

We recommend your development team to arrange a visit and get an impression of the immense range of materials and the many production possibilities.

Our company provides the customer with a varity of possibilities: manufacturing for the customer at the company’s facilities, independent production by the customer using our machinery (see machines) and the move from one stage to the next at any time (the company is the leading producer of the local PU raw materials production in its field and is available to its customers for technical support and consultation).




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