Hennecke- high pressure machines

Hennecke develops and manufactures the top technology of polyurethane machines and polyurethane manufacturing equipment for 7 decades. Thanks to intensive R & D work, Hennecke can offer cutting edge systems and technology that combine economic and environmental benefits to meet user requirements across a wide range of applications. It’s hard to find an idea for a polyurethane-based product that Hennecke can not put into action..

It is important to note that it was the first company to introduce the high-pressure polyurethane production machines in 1945, in 1975 it introduced the production lines for panels, in 1993 the machines for production using Pentan gas. Manufacturing excellent and environmental, 2004 CRM Technology.

The company is spread all over the world and provides machinery (casting machines, , mold holders, rolling lines, command and control, etc.) to the leading factories around the world.

Polyurethane Ltd. is the exclusive agent of Hennecke.









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